What does Charlie Hunnam think of Jamie Dornan’s Role in 50 Shades of Grey?

If you’ve not already heard, the 50 Shades of Grey movie is in the works, and set for a February 2014 release date. Based upon the popular three series book set of the same name, women across the globe are anticipating the book’s come to life in the movie. It is seduction at its best, and to date one of the best-selling books ever. As we speak the actors are in Canada filing and working hard to provide a great movie.

The Christian Grey Film Star

Jamie Dornan is the star of this film, playing the role of billionaire Christian Grey, although it was originally planned for Charlie Hunnam to have the role. The change in stars came after Hunnam left the movie due to ‘time restraint.’ Hunnam is an actor most known for his work in the show Queer as Folk, but he has also starred in numerous other roles including Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim.

As the first selected star for the role of Grey, many fans wonder how Hunnam feels about Dornan taking the starring seat. He was recently asked these questions and many others when he sat down with Entertainment Weekly and when asked by TMZ.

Charlie Hunnam

He Will do a Good Job

To put an end to your questions, Hunnam thinks that the new cast member will ‘do a good job’ according to recent interviews and reports. Apparently Hunnam is excited to see Dornan starring in the role and is just as eager as the rest of the world to see the final product of the actor’s work. He will admit, however, that he is not familiar with the actor, but his trust in the director of the movie, Sam Taylor-Johnson, leads him to believe the best choice was made. He has full faith in the director and the decisions made.

Hunnam would not make any comments to who he thought should take on the role of Grey after his sudden departure, and really did not seem to interested in answering questions or talking about the matter when talking to the entertainment outlet TMZ. It seems that the actor has simply moved on from this could-have-been role and has concentrated his time on what is in front of him.

Dornan is excited about his role, saying that it is the role that he needed to get his break in the industry. Although Dornan has starred in roles including Marie Antoinette, most of his career has been spent as an underwear model for Calvin Klein (yes, now you understand why he was selected to star as Christian Grey.) This movie will be a hit, thus provides Dornan the break that he has been looking for.

Jamie Dornan Is Calvin Klien Underwear Model

A Minor Setback

The leave of Hunnam slowed down production of the movie, as it was originally scheduled for a 2014 August release. However, it caused only minimal of extra time to be required. Hunnam plays on ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ which he stated as his reason for leaving the film in the first place. Hunnam is still working on the production of this series. He told Entertainment Weekly during his interview that he had just been so buys there was no way to add the filming of another movie into that schedule. During the interview most people would observe that Hunnam has moved on and is not really concerned with the movie or who is playing the roles. With a busy life this is not unusual.

The Much Anticipated Movie of the Year

50 shades Of Grey Movie

The 50 Shades of Grey movie is certainly going to do well when it opens in theaters no matter who the starring role was awarded to. The book was a major success, and probably far more popular than what was ever expected. It appealed to the mature woman and helped her live out fantasies and more.

People are talking about the movie all over the globe, there are speculations and talks and even fan clubs taking place right now. This is the movie the fans have been waiting for, the movie that is forever going to change women once again. There is not a single question that the movie will do well when it comes to a theater near you.

With what we have saw so far, and based upon the words of Humman, the chosen actor was a good selection and this will only add to the amazement of the movie. He is certainly gorgeous and a perfect fit from our visions in the book. We still have a little over one year to wait to see what we have been waiting for, but there is no doubt Dornnan will not let us down. And he can do it with the blessing of Humman. What could be better?