Sexy ’50 Shades’ Movie Making Jealousy an Issue for Johnson, Anastasia

Dakota Johnson, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, was selected to star as Anastasia Steele, in the ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie, set for a February 2015 release date. Johnson, along with Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey, set the mood in this movie, with many hot and steamy scenes depicted right from the book that made heads turn and other people blush.

While there is still another year before the scheduled release of the movie, many photos of the couple and their online romance have been leaked. From what we have seen from these photos there is something special coming soon to a movie theater near you.

Now, rumors are spreading and they’re saying that Johnson’s boyfriend, Jordan Masterson, is getting a little but jealous over those sexy, steamy scenes we’ve been given.

Why the Jealousy?

From what the talk is around Hollywood about this couple and the new sexy movie, it isn’t that he is jealous of his girlfriend or the actor, or even those sexy scenes that has him on edge. It is the fact that his girlfriend is turning into such a sexy woman and being views as a sex symbol.

Jamie And Dakota Intimate Moment

According to most people he doesn’t like the new attention that Johnson is receiving. This was made a public issue in a recent issue of Star magazine. We can only imagine that it would be pretty hard to deal with, and of course being the outsiders we really don’t know what’s going on or how he is handling the situation. Talk is mum on the subject between the pair.

Insiders close to the couple have something different to say. According to these sources the rumors are completely false and Masterson has absolutely no issues with his gal pal’s online sexy steamy romance scenes with the actor. They are saying that this is false, fictions and that he has no problem at all with the movie, his girlfriend or any of the attention she has been getting.

While we would love to believe that it is true, we know there has to be some sort of emotions going on there, especially when it all seems to be spring on you at once. Whether it is joking or something that really bothers him we dare to speculate that Masterson does feel something about his girlfriend and her attention. Maybe he handles it well and thinks that it is totally awesome for her to be getting so much attention in the limelight.

Dakota Johnson Kissing  Jamie Dornan

What is 50 Shades of Grey?

For the two people in the world who don’t know, 50 Shades of Grey is a movie based upon the trilogy written by EL James. Written in 2012, the books quickly become popular with women of all ages and from around the world. James says that she based her ideas off of the Twilight movies, adding her own kink and twists to the plot. And she definitely delivered. Some people considered the 50 Shades books to be on the lines of pornography.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy Books

But most people were overjoyed at the amazing words she had put to paper. Some women were able to discover their inner selves, those people just waiting to be discovered and to be unleashed. The books were a hit and the movie promises to be just as amazing. The story tells the tale of Christian Bale, a young and handsome billionaire, and Anastasia Steele, a young student still trying to learn what life was all about and certainly inexperienced at the things that Steele would soon show her.

He unlocked a passion and desire that Anastasia could not fight, and the three books in the series each leave you fulfilled yet still wanting to know more. The books were amazing and there is no doubt that the movie will do so much more than what the books did. Imagine these amazing scenes as they come to life, as they will in the movie.

Jordan Masterson and Dakota Johnson

Can the Couple Survive?

Now let’s hope that her on screen life doesn’t affect her real life. The movie is going to be everything that we wanted and some more. Many actors and actress couples deal with this very same issue, and only time will tell if this couple will be able to overcome the obstacles and remain a couple in the future. It is always hard at the beginning when it is all new and these new emotions that you need to deal with are out on the table and in the open.

Things are even more dramatic when you happen to be in the public eye. Hopefully it is just talk around the town, but who knows what the truth of the matter is? Only Johnson and Masterson know the truth and as of now neither of them are saying very much.

Johnson is still busy making the movie and things are all on schedule so there is no conflict there. We of course wish them the best, but we believe what is meant to be will be and you cannot change it. Either way the fans will get a good movie out of it all.