Producer Of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie And Dakota Johnson Agree, The Raunchier The Better

When it comes to adapting this sexually charged book in to a film version, the cast and production crew are running in to some challenges. While the book is very centered on sexual exploration and contact, the movie can quickly take that a little too far.

The issue is that when a person is reading about a sexual scene he or she can create an image that he or she is personally comfortable with.

Therefore, there is no possibility that the reader will be shocked by the imagery in a delicately described sex scene because he or she is the one creating the corresponding images.

When a book is adapted to a film version, the director is the person who paints the picture of the sexual tension and contact for the audience. This can be particularly challenging when the director paints the picture in a way that not many people saw the scene unfolding in his or her head.

50 Shades of Grey Book by EL James

There are some concerns about how much sexuality is going to be included in the on screen presentation of the novel. However, the producer and leading actor Dakota Johnson agree that the more sex that is included in the film version the better the movie will be. If this is true, and they are actually going to execute the sex scenes in a gratuitous manner, then there is going to inevitably be a significant amount of backlash from the audience.

50 Shades of Grey Jamie Dornan with Dakota Johnson

You see, no matter how much intimacy or sexual tension is built between the main characters of a book, the reader feels a sense of ownership and control over what is happening because he or she can adjust the scene to fit his or her liking in his or her imagination of the written words. If you are looking forward to getting an exact replica of the novel, or a production of the book that possibly down plays the sexual scenes, then this is not going to be the movie for you. The producer and leading actor are saying that the more sex that is included in the presentation of the novel on screen, then the better.

While the producer and the leading actor may very well be on the same page when it comes to the bold presentation of the sexuality of the main characters, the author of the book has her reservations about he film version. E L James, the author of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is quoted as being “terrified” about the release of the movie that is intended to capture the sexual exploration of a young woman and her lover. The author of the popular book is afraid that the readers will place the blame on her is the film does not live up to the high expectations that they each have for the film version of the movie.

EL James Fifty Shades Of Grey Book

While the movie is set to be heavily centered on the sexual elements of the book, and the author is afraid that if the readers and fans feel as though the movie is not enough about the story line that they fell in love with as well, then they are going to feel let down by the author. This could potentially have long lasting effects on the career of E L James as an author if the fans feel upset enough about the movie.

This is going to require a delicate balance of effort and communication between the author and the producer in order to make the film exactly what she envisions for the benefit of the loyal fans. If the movie is not true to the book, then the fans are going to be disappointed.

However, if the movie is too much about sex, then the audience might be disappointed as well. There is going to need to be a dance between what scenes to include and what scenes to dismiss. This is going to either make or break the success of the popular book’s adaptation in to a film version.

While there seem to be a lot of reservations on one side about the gratuitous amounts of sex in the film, and then there seems to be a full steam ahead type of feeling for the inclusion of more sex on the other side, there will need to be a happy medium met. When the author and the producer reach a middle ground of how to present the main character’s sexuality, the movie is sure to be a hit.

Just like the book, audiences will love being able to escape in to a fantasy world of sexual exploration and pleasure that one can experience with a lover, or alone. This is sure to be a success as long as they meet the balance of sexual tension and contact, in the middle with appropriate imagery for a wide variety of people.