Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Complicated Lead In The Crowded Room

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leave it to Leonardo to take on a challenge that most actors wouldn’t touch. This man is definitely getting more interesting as he gets older, and his acting chops prove he is much more than a pretty face. DiCaprio just signed on to the film adaptation of Daniel Keyes’ true crime story, The Minds of Billy Milligan. The film is titled, The Crowded Room, and it depicts the struggles of Billy with his 24 different personalities.

This isn’t just a male Sybil, there is an awful twist

Billy’s story wouldn’t make for such a great film except for one awful twist in his life. As a result of his mental illness, he kidnapped and raped three women. He was arrested and went to jail.

In one of the most challenging court cases ever, Milligan was proven not guilty by reason of insanity due to Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

MPD remains a controversial diagnosis to this day, but the book showed the distinct personalities well, and their complicated relationships with each other.

From a male personality that sold drugs and planned robberies, to a lesbian personality that only wanted affection and benefited from the rapes, to the small child who held everyone’s pain – this is a story that could be riveting on screen.

Who else is joining DiCaprio on screen?

No other stars have been announced yet, but it is worth noting that DiCaprio will be one of the main producers. His company, Appian Way, will put out the film. The book is being adapted by two versatile screenwriters, Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg.

Also joining Leonardo DiCaprio in producing The Crowded Room is Jennifer Davisson, and Alexandra Milchan – from New Regency. That crew is a sure sign that as the rest of the talent falls in place, this will be a remarkable film.