Get A First Look At Dakota Johnson And Jamie Dornan In Character For The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie!

When it comes to adapting a book to a movie version, there is always the pit in the bottom of the stomach of the people who loved the book. There is a fear of seeing the photos of the film version of the book and having them crush the ideas that you had in your head.

Every reader loves to read because you can create your own images of what is happening and create the entire movie in your imagination.

The images are perfect because you make all of the characters look exactly the way someone you were attracted to looks, or look like what you would consider to be a villain.

The devastating part of a movie is when you get the chance to observe the photos and the main characters that you artfully created in your head look nothing like the characters that the director had chosen.

Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson 50 Shades Of Grey Photo Shoot

When it comes to the movie for the popular novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ the people are going to be very pleased with the leading lady and man that the director picked to play the main characters. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have been selected to play the main characters. The first photos for the movie have been released and are circulating the Internet rather quickly. You can perform a simple search engine query and be able to view the pictures from the comfort of your own home.

The pictures are rather enticing in and of themselves; however, when you put them in the context of the sexually charged book, you can get a feel for how intense the movie is going to be. It always seems that the movie tends to take the point and message of the novels a bit too far. This book to movie adaptation is set to be no different than the stereotype and precedence that has been set before it.

Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey while filming Fifty Shades of Grey.
In the photos you see the beautifully simple little black dress draped effortlessly over the body of the actress. She rests her head softly on his shoulder and has her hand settled on the collar of his shirt. She is looking down and quietly enjoying this entire moment that seems to be her moment with this stunningly handsome male actor.

He has a firm grip on her wrist, and he is standing tall in an almost defensive stance. He gazes directly at the camera as if to hint, “if you only knew.” It really is a beautifully captivating set of pictures that allude to sexual tension, and drama.

For the people who greatly appreciated the books, and turned furiously through each page, this movie is going to be a great illustration of the images that the director got out of the novel. While the book is extremely centered on the sexual side of relationships, there is more to the novel than sex. This is where the fans are starting to get concerned with the photos that were released for the films advertisement.

The fans are definitely looking for something more in-depth than just a film about sexual tension. This is the trouble with adapting a book to a film version, no matter how considerate of all of the fans’ images to the book the director is, there is always going to be a crowd that is unhappy. However, with the images that were released, it seems as though the director hit the nail on the head for a majority of the books fans.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele while filming Fifty Shades of Grey on Dec. 1 in Vancouver.
There are fans who are interested in seeing much more of the photos that were taken in order to advertise the film version of the novel; however, there is also a feeling of wanting to wait to see the finished product.

There are about 6 photos in total that are released for the movie. Another notable photo is one of just Dakota who is cast as the leading lady where she is sitting on a stool in a carelessly flowing black dress. She is biting her lip and looking directly at the camera. She is a gorgeous girl in general, and this photo really takes her over the top.

She is going to make a gloriously subtle and powerful version of the book’s main character. The audience is going to love seeing her play the role of the sexually explorative female lead. She has a certain innocence about her look, while there is still that underlying sexuality in photos that are just of her with a straight dramatic look on her face.

Dakota Johnson staring at Jamie Dornan Meaningfully

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan film scenes for Fifty Shades of Grey in Vancouver on Dec. 1, 2013. Credit: JKING/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES
Then there is a photo of the two leading characters sitting together where they are both staring meaningfully in to the camera almost as if they are looking in to the eyes of all the audience members. These photos have certainly stirred up some talk about the movie.