Fifty Shades of Grey’s Cast Revealed: Who’s Is Your Pick For Hottest Hunk?

The cultural phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey will be making its transition from the page to the screen with a production schedule expected to begin in 2014.

And while the book offers intense drama to pull its readers in, the movie is certain to generate even more fans.

Already, still months before production is slated to begin, the movie has generated its fair share of drama. Just in casting choices, and drop-outs, the movie has garnered media attention the world over.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Hunks Leading Actors

Courtesy of Calvin Klein, HBO, Columbia Pictures

The Author

British author E.L. James (full name Erika Leonard James) is the writer of the original script — including its predecessor, Master of the Universe. To make sure the book is translated on screen in a way that fits her vision, James is on-tap as a producer and screenwriter for the screen version of her megahit first novel.

The Producers

Dana Brunetti is on staff to produce Fifty Shades of Grey. He’s an Oscar-nominated producer most noted for The Social Network. He is also executive producer to the Netflix smash-hit House of Cards.

Michael De Luca is also on staff to produce the film. He’s got an expansive movie career producing films like Moneyball, American History X and The Social Network.

The Cast

Though it will likely change as time goes by (especially if history repeats itself), the cast is beginning to come together. Some cast picks are still in the rumor phase – so they have yet to confirm their position on the film. But others have been chosen and shared with audiences.

Jamie Dornan

The Men

Christian Grey – After Charlie Hunamm of Sons of Anarchy fame dropped from the role of Christian Grey, the position was quickly picked up and awarded to hunky Jamie Dornan. Jamie is most known for his roles in Marie Antoinette and Once Upon a Time. Though he isn’t quite a household name, Jamie is also known for his sizzling work as a male model. His underwear ads for Calvin Klein quickly circulated the internet when producers announced his connection to the film. And, according to inside reports, the actor’s “unknown” status was a big draw for the role – producers are reportedly looking to fill most will actors that are not yet household names.

Elliot Grey – Luke Grimes who is best known for his television roles on Brothers and Sisters and True Blood is taking on the role of Elliot Grey. As the also-smoldering brother to Christian Grey, Luke will be the perfect fit for the enterprise.

Jose Rodriguez –Victor Rasuk has taken on the role of Ana’s friend Jose and the man that Christian Grey sees as his romantic rival. Fairly unknown, Victor has starred in How to Make it in America and the 2013 film Jobs.

The Women

Anastasia Steele – One of the first casting decisions made for Fifty Shades of Grey was the role of Ana. Dakota Johnson is a model and actress who has been in movies including 21 Jump Street and Crazy in Alabama. She is also known for her famous parents – Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

Dakota Johnson Bio

Carla May Wilks – The role of Ana’s “flighty” mother has been awarded to Jennifer Ehle. Ehle has a long career and has starred in huge hits such as The King’s Speech and Zero Dark Thirty.

Mrs. Robinson – It is rumored that none other than Katie Holmes is on tap to play the family friend who took advantage of young Christian Grey when he was just 15. If this casting call is confirmed, it may just create more of a stir for a movie that already has everyone talking.

Continued Casting

As millions of fans follow the updated choices for cast members on the upcoming film, the drama continues to unfold with each announcement. Whether fans are happy or upset, everyone seems to have something to say about each casting decision made to-date.

Even the wife of producer Michael De Luca’s wife made waves when she took to Twitter to denounce the choice of Charlie Hunamm as Christian Grey – and share her support of Jamie Dornan in the coveted role. Though many lamented Charlie’s reported interest in the role, many were also sad to hear he had dropped from the film.

Charlie Hunnam

As has been true during the filming of each beloved book series that has come before it, the Fifty Shades trilogy has made critics out of its readers. And, with sales that skyrocketed E.L. James to the role of the most sold author of all time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of opinions out there about the project.

One thing is certain – no matter who is cast next, social media pages will explode with excitement, ranting, and raving. And if the box office sales mirror that of the books, die-hard fans may just want to buy their tickets now. Though that’s unfortunately not possible, the line might very well be starting at a theater near you!