Fifty Shades Darker PDF

The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy continues with Fifty Shades Darker. Available in paperback as well as in the trilogy set, it can also be found in PDF copies over the internet. And as the fervor over the BDSM love story continues to run strong, sales of the second installment come in second only to the first.

With mixed reviews, much like the first installment of the series, readers either love the characters or love to hate them. Critics most often slam the trilogy as a whole for simple writing and too much internal dialogue – some of which makes the original Bella role seem more likeable – but they can’t argue with sales numbers. And they keep pouring in.

The Plot

Fifty Shades Darker takes up where the first novel left off. Anastasia Steele, brokenhearted, has left Christian Grey because she has determined the BDSM lifestyle just isn’t something she can live with. Having run out of his “Red Room” at the end of the first installment, she is tormented by thoughts of the brilliant and dashing entrepreneur.

Ana’s graduation marks five days since she has seen Christian. The last time being the day she ran from his apartment. Coincidentally, he is the guest speaker at her graduation – and that draws her back into his presence. She can no longer go without speaking to him as she thinks about him always.

Fifty Shades Darker PDF

After graduation, Ana begins her job at Seattle Independent Publishing. As a recent graduate, it is her first experience in the professional world. There, she is hired as an assistant to the Editor, Jack Hyde – a man she gets a weird feeling about. Still, she writes off the uneasiness and prepares to learn the ropes at her new job.

As her friend, and the person who previously took Christian’s photographs for the paper, Jose prepares to host a gallery exhibit in the Portland area, Christian asks if she would like to ride with him there. Ana had forgotten about the event, but takes him up on the offer. They soon are back together, though the relationship remains complicated.

Christian purchases Seattle Independent Publishing and the deal makes Ana furious with him. She feels that the act is him interfering with her career. She is further upset by the month-long freeze on the publishing house’s accounts – as it keeps her from an overnight business trip she was looking forward to. Though the trip would have been with Jack, the Editor she is uneasy about, it would have been to New York. Christian explains that it was in her best interest that she not go because he knows Jack is not to be trusted – but she doesn’t believe him.

Not long after their confrontation, Ana’s suspicions concerning her Editor are proven correct as he corners her and demands sexual favors. Thankfully, Ana’s father taught her self-defense and the skills she learned allow her to free herself. Christian immediately has Jack fired.

Mr Grey

Ana eventually meets Mrs. Robinson, the friend of Christian’s mother who seduced him when he was 15. She is upset to find out that Christian continues to be friends with her – and is furious when she learns that they co-own a salon. Mrs. Robinson, realizing that Ana is someone Christian is interested in for a serious relationship, quickly becomes antagonistic toward Ana in an attempt to create drama and cause a split.

Further complicating the relationship, Ana notices she is being stalked by Leila Williams, a former submissive bedmate of Christian’s. The stalking intensifies when Leila obtains a gun and breaks into Ana’s apartment. Though Christian is able to diffuse the situation by using his dominant persona, Ana is left concerned about many things. Most of all, she worries he couldn’t be happy in a boring relationship after experiencing so many submissive fantasies with the other women in his life.

Reading into Ana’s worries, Christian asks her to marry him. She responds that she needs time to think about his proposal.

Mr Grey Fuck Hard

Jose decides to drive up to visit Ana, but Christian has concerns about them visiting alone. He still views Jose as a romantic rival and only allows Ana to meet with him if they stay at Escala. When Jose comes to visit, Christian ends up missing. Flying from Portland to Seattle on business, he ends up in his helicopter with two failing engines. Sabotage is expected and while he is missing, his family and staff panics. Ana also panics and realizes that she doesn’t want to live her life without him. She then accepts his proposal knowing that she needs him in her life.

The day after her acceptance of his proposal, his family throws a party. While at their mansion, the couple announces their engagement to the surprise of all of their friends and family. Mrs. Robinson is noticeably upset and accuses Ana of being a gold digger. She also plays on Ana’s fears and insists that Christian will never be happy in their boring relationship.

Hearing Mrs. Robinson’s verbal onslaught, the family learns of how she targeted their son when he was still a ten – and they are furious. She leaves the house and Christian makes it clear he will be ending the business relationship with her.

At the end of the party, Christian pulls Ana aside and proposes to her in a more formal fashion.

The Series

The Fifty Shades series continues with Fifty Shades Freed. You can get the Fifty Shades Freed PDF version as well.

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