Dakota Johnson Speaks For Her Role In Fifty Shades Of Grey

The 24 year old actress Dakota Johnson has finally spoke for her role in the movie fifty shades of grey movie. She spoke to the vanity magazine representative in an interview.

Her comments on playing Anastasia Steele were quite shocking. Regardless of all the hype the movie is getting and the chance to have notorious sex scenes with the ever hot Jamie Dakota says her role is quite boring.

The young actress should consider herself lucky to be casted as the main actress of the bestselling novel of 2013. Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and has been seeing enough of Hollywood ever since her childhood.

She might have uttered the words in excitement but the news is all over and every fan wants to know why Dakota is being so ungrateful. Any actress will consider herself lucky to be casted against the dashing Irish actor Jamie in the erotic novel base movie even with the same name.

From Dakota’s point of view she believes that for playing Ana she had to try hard to get into her character. The one she is before meeting the charming Christian Grey. Ana is young graduate who is too afraid of the unseen. She is not like all the young teenagers who are impulsive and are always up for partying.

Dakota JohnsonCarter Smith/Elle Magazine

She is rather a nerdy simplistic girl who volunteers to help her friend in the time of need. While both the girls prepare for their upcoming exams her friend asks Ana if she could do her a favor and take an interview that she has scheduled with the mysterious business man. Ana agrees to help her friend and with no previous experience in journalism she goes to see Mr. Grey. Her first interaction with the enigmatic business man is strange.

She gets too inspired by the huge empire he has built in such a young age and the charisma of his personality. The story builds up and Ana ends up in an S&M relationship with Grey. The novel is full of racy scenes and erotic parts where both of them are involved in passionate sex. She is a virgin before she meets grey. The character is innocent and nerdy which is why Dakota thinks it’s boring.

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 Carter Smith/ELLE

In an interview she said that the crew is getting along very well and she really hopes it all wraps up well. She added that is a very learning experience for her and she has high hopes with it. Going further she mentioned that she needs to do a lot of reading for her role as Ana and the studying literature part is quite boring. The young actress in her interview also added that the role becomes very interesting when the submissive relationship starts between her and Grey. The rich lad showers countless gifts on her including an Audi.

Dakota Johnson Is HotCarter Smith/ELLE

The director of the movie is Sam Taylor Johnson and the location for shootings is Vancouver. The movie will be release on the 13th of February in the year 2015. It is going to be a worth watch on the Valentine’s Day next year. With only one year left in the release the cast and crew are wrapping up their acting roles. They all want it to be a perfect one as there has been a lot of hype about the movie and it is the most anticipated movie of the season. There must not be any margin of error in the movie as it is based on a bestselling novel of the year 2013.

In the novel E.L James has managed to create curiosity and seduction in an amazing way.it is written in such a way that the reader cannot drive away from it. Now it depends upon Sam the director and the rest of the cast of the movie to meet the viewer expectations in the same way as it did for the novel. Jamie and Dakota are going to play the major portion in the movie so it is very important for them to like their roles and get immersed into them for better outputs.

It came as a shock to the fans and anticipators when Dakota boldly expressed that her role is boring. No one would have approved of her comments because the young lady is being ungrateful to the great opportunity destiny has given her. Many other actresses in the holly wood wait for such golden opportunities their entire career. She must realize that this is a once in a life time chance and now it is on her to make it or break it. Who will consider sharing the same bed with Jamie Dornan as boring? Maybe the actress is not able to realize how fortunate she is.