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Ripley Returns In Director Neill Blomkamp New ‘Alien’ Movie


New Alien Movie

Alien is one of the most respected movie franchises around. It has had its hits and misses, but a recent announcement of a new film in the series has industry insiders taking notice.

Fox announced that the visionary director of the vaunted ‘District 9’ and the panned ‘Elysium’ Neill Blomkamp is coming on board. As exciting as that is for fans, it isn’t something that would really make Hollywood insiders sit up and take notice.

It is the additional announcement that Blomkamp is bringing along Sigourney Weaver to reprise her role as Ripley that has the buzz going.

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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Complicated Lead In The Crowded Room

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leave it to Leonardo to take on a challenge that most actors wouldn’t touch. This man is definitely getting more interesting as he gets older, and his acting chops prove he is much more than a pretty face. DiCaprio just signed on to the film adaptation of Daniel Keyes’ true crime story, The Minds of Billy Milligan. The film is titled, The Crowded Room, and it depicts the struggles of Billy with his 24 different personalities.

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If You Thought ‘Fifty Shades Darker” Sucked As A Book, Here Are 5 Celebrities Who Agree

Kristen Stewart

(Photo : Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain) Kristen Stewart gives the thumb down for “Fifty Shades of Grey!”

While much of the world is swept up in the edgy story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, there are many people who think the book and the movie are awful.

There are 5 top celebrities that have all come out against the franchise, calling the material everything from porn to morally offensive.

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What happened with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs?

If you tuned in to see more of Miley Cyrus’ boobs at the 2014 VMA Award show, you got the shock of your life – and probably felt a little bad about your obsession with that young woman’s body. After all, just how old is Miley Cyrus anyway?

For someone who was born in 1992 and only released her debut album in 2007, she has captured the world’s attention. In 2013, she took away everyone’s breath was a surprisingly raunchy performance with the then king of the waves, Robin Thicke.

From there she bared more and more with videos that toed the line between music and adult entertainment; so expectations were high for antics when the 2014 Miley Cyrus VMA appearance was announced.

What was the deal with that man?

Miley won an award, but it was accepted by a young man named Jesse Helt. Helt was not only young and very photogenic; he was also homeless and accepted the award on her behalf while delivering a small awareness speech about homeless youth. Fans cheered, critics jeered, and hundreds of men who shouldn’t be looking at someone so young with less than musical thoughts in their head felt chagrined.

And then the sordid surprise

Unfortunately, that young and photogenic homeless man happened to have an arrest warrant out for him. He turned himself in, and the media quickly tracked down his mother in Oregon who outlined his “homeless plight” as being more of a self-serving failure to launch a career as an actor and model. Now everyone is confused. Is America’s sweet Hannah Montana now a rabid twerking, pot smoking singer with a penchant for sob stories she doesn’t check out?

Miley With Jesse Helt

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50 Shades of Grey Excerpt: Top Six Sexiest Sex Scenes That Involve Sex

Whether you have read the whole book, or just tripped over a 50 Shades of Grey excerpt online, chances are you are wondering how this can ever be made into a mainstream movie – and will there be a sequel to the book.

50 Shades seems like it came out of nowhere and laid claim to the modern woman’s sexuality taking her from an object into a participant in some of the hottest sex scenes in recent literature.

There is a lot wrong with the story, and even more wrong with the relationship – but this isn’t a book you read to enjoy the romance. 50 Shades is about exploration, sensuality, dominance, submission and pleasure.

When Universal announced it was going to be made into a movie fans were not happy. Not because they were so devoted to the characters that they didn’t want to see a poor imitation of them; but anyone with any awareness knows that sex is still taboo in Hollywood.

The directors are anxious to avoid the box office killing NC-17 rating, so you may not see some of your favorite scenes from the book on the screen. As a recap, here are the 6 sexiest sex scenes that involve sex in 50 Shades of Grey. Whether or not they will make it intact to the movie version is highly doubtful – but if you have read the book you will be able to fill in the gaps the movie leaves.

Sexy Scene #1 – The Bathtub

This scene is far more complicated than just some mutual pleasure and a blow job. It is the first time that she sees him naked and not in a position of power and control. The vulnerability and comfort he has in being naked in front of her is almost as erotic as his being able to make her come with just his hands.

The Bathtub Scene

That she then gives him an oral favor that even catches the experienced and jaded billionaire off guard makes it all the more delightful. It is one of the rare depictions of oral sex in a story where it is understandable as a woman’s choice for something to give to a man.

Absolutely don’t expect to see many details of this in the film, you may get the bathtub and a lot of suggestive movements, but a man’s pleasure – and a woman’s, is something that just isn’t allowed to be shown without one of them definitely being in charge – or about to kill the other.

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The List Of Best Movies Of 2014 Released So Far

The year isn’t even over and already there is a clear list of the most popular movies 2014 has brought out. By most accounts the Transformers 2014 movie should have been number one on every list, but it got bumped back by two surprise hits with a broader age range appeal.

One thing that has helped make these movies popular is the increasing use of digital devices for viewing new releases. The best streaming for movies has gone from something only being available to the few with high speed and expensive connections, to being available to anyone with an unlimited data account on a smartphone or mobile device. With this ability to see new releases when you want and where you want, you can now pick from the best. Here is the list of the best movies of 2014 released so far. Some of them you can still catch in the theaters, but all of them can also be streamed online.

X Men Group

#15 – Xmen: Days of Future Past

  • Director – Bryan Singer
  • Cast – Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Omar Sy, Evan Peters

Easily one of the best movies out in theaters today, this installment of the Xmen is winning new fans and making old ones happy – except for the constant complaint that there should have been more Kitty Pryde on screen. It’s a standout in the Xmen chronicles for being well acted and full of action with enough backstory to keep the series moving along.


#14 – Transcendence

  • Director – Wally Pfister
  • Cast – Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman

One of the best new movies 2014 had to offer, Transcendence, was overshadowed on its opening weekend but is now gaining traction as a popular film. It explores the terrifying potential of Artificial Intelligence and smart devices.


#13 – Noah

  • Director – Darren Aronofsky
  • Cast – Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins

One of the best, and most controversial movies in box office opinions this year, Noah suffered most from the perception that this was a retelling of the biblical story in accordance with Christian thought. Instead, it is Aronofsky’s inspired story of a man chosen by God to exercises judgment on the world and its aftermath.

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Brazil World Cup 2014 Live Streaming – How to Watch Online?

I’m extremely excited that my favourite beautiful game is about to start in a couple of hours and would love to share some interesting facts with you.

The World Cup, in the same way as the Olympic Games, is not only a significant occasion for fans; it’s likewise a key occasion for the cable and innovation firms included in the whole scope of television.

More and more people are enjoying soccer (football) nowadays, and that means that more people want access to it, which is why it’s becoming more and more accessible for those who are looking to watch it at home, where they may not have access otherwise.

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be the most open ever. With live TV, online viewing, up to date highlights, repeat TV applications, radio and more, all of these technologies guarantee we don’t miss a kick or a goal.

We can watch the World Cup from multiple angles, depending on what company we watch it with and what device we are using. It’s really exciting to see all of these changes coming to a sport that is loved by people who live all over the world.

Because of this, sports events like the World Cup are the ideal launchpad for new engineering, with the 2014 World Cup set to be the first to try out Ultra HD, with three matches anticipated that will be shown live in what is called “4k Ultra HD” in at least one location in the world.

Fifa Brazil World Cup 2014FIFA World Cup 2014 is on CBC. (Liam Nickerson/CBC Sports )

So where would you be able to watch this present summer’s celebration of football (in case you’re not in Rio with match tickets)? Whether you’re in your family room or progressing, viewing live or getting the highlights, here are a few things that you can use when you want to live stream the Brazil World Cup 2014.

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Jamie Dornan, star of Fifty Shades of Grey, nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award

Jamie Dornan, the star of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, was recently nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award, that of Actor in a Lead Role, Television. He’s an Irish actor, obviously, and he plays a serial killer on TV show The Fall, a crime thriller about a serial killer. He plays the serial killer.

Once upon a time, when you talked about Jamie Dornan, you usually said something like “that guy who used to date Kiera Knightley.” Thankfully, those days have long passed. Jamie Dornan, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, dated the actress from 2003 until about 2005. At that time, he was working as a model, appearing in photo shoot campaigns alongside the likes of Kate Moss, and Eva Mendes.

Modeling as a career seemed to be working out pretty okay for Jamie Dornan, but it seems he had his eye on acting all along. His acting debut occurred in 2006 with his appearance in the Sophia Coppola film Marie Antoinette. Then, there was that embarrassing 2008 Myspace film release—the one called Beyond the Rave, which almost nobody watched. So it is not surprising that his acting career did not exactly skyrocket after those two roles.

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Dakota Johnson Speaks For Her Role In Fifty Shades Of Grey

The 24 year old actress Dakota Johnson has finally spoke for her role in the movie fifty shades of grey movie. She spoke to the vanity magazine representative in an interview.

Her comments on playing Anastasia Steele were quite shocking. Regardless of all the hype the movie is getting and the chance to have notorious sex scenes with the ever hot Jamie Dakota says her role is quite boring.

The young actress should consider herself lucky to be casted as the main actress of the bestselling novel of 2013. Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and has been seeing enough of Hollywood ever since her childhood.

She might have uttered the words in excitement but the news is all over and every fan wants to know why Dakota is being so ungrateful. Any actress will consider herself lucky to be casted against the dashing Irish actor Jamie in the erotic novel base movie even with the same name.

From Dakota’s point of view she believes that for playing Ana she had to try hard to get into her character. The one she is before meeting the charming Christian Grey. Ana is young graduate who is too afraid of the unseen. She is not like all the young teenagers who are impulsive and are always up for partying.

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