Ripley Returns In Director Neill Blomkamp New ‘Alien’ Movie


New Alien Movie

Alien is one of the most respected movie franchises around. It has had its hits and misses, but a recent announcement of a new film in the series has industry insiders taking notice.

Fox announced that the visionary director of the vaunted ‘District 9’ and the panned ‘Elysium’ Neill Blomkamp is coming on board. As exciting as that is for fans, it isn’t something that would really make Hollywood insiders sit up and take notice.

It is the additional announcement that Blomkamp is bringing along Sigourney Weaver to reprise her role as Ripley that has the buzz going.

Why the return of Ripley is so important

Sigourney Weaver is one of the most respected actresses around. One of the things she is notorious for is refusing to sign onto sequels. She has proven to be able to pick projects that have meat to them. They may not always rock the US Box Office, but on a global release – her films bank.

The fact that she has signed on to a character that she has confessed was killed in a wholly satisfactory way means that Blomkamp has to have an idea or script that is really something to behold.

Blomkamp is going to do the story

It is already an accepted fact that Blomkamp is going to dismiss about half of the franchise and act like those parts of the story didn’t exist. He wants to tell more about what happened to Ripley. That’s a brilliant call. The movie’s success has never been about the aliens, it’s been about Ripley’s struggles with them.

Many of the sequels in the franchise missed that point and delivered whole movies about aliens running around. That’s not what people want, they want Ripley and it looks like that is what they are going to get.