50 Shades of Grey Excerpt: Top Six Sexiest Sex Scenes That Involve Sex

Whether you have read the whole book, or just tripped over a 50 Shades of Grey excerpt online, chances are you are wondering how this can ever be made into a mainstream movie – and will there be a sequel to the book.

50 Shades seems like it came out of nowhere and laid claim to the modern woman’s sexuality taking her from an object into a participant in some of the hottest sex scenes in recent literature.

There is a lot wrong with the story, and even more wrong with the relationship – but this isn’t a book you read to enjoy the romance. 50 Shades is about exploration, sensuality, dominance, submission and pleasure.

When Universal announced it was going to be made into a movie fans were not happy. Not because they were so devoted to the characters that they didn’t want to see a poor imitation of them; but anyone with any awareness knows that sex is still taboo in Hollywood.

The directors are anxious to avoid the box office killing NC-17 rating, so you may not see some of your favorite scenes from the book on the screen. As a recap, here are the 6 sexiest sex scenes that involve sex in 50 Shades of Grey. Whether or not they will make it intact to the movie version is highly doubtful – but if you have read the book you will be able to fill in the gaps the movie leaves.

Sexy Scene #1 – The Bathtub

This scene is far more complicated than just some mutual pleasure and a blow job. It is the first time that she sees him naked and not in a position of power and control. The vulnerability and comfort he has in being naked in front of her is almost as erotic as his being able to make her come with just his hands.

The Bathtub Scene

That she then gives him an oral favor that even catches the experienced and jaded billionaire off guard makes it all the more delightful. It is one of the rare depictions of oral sex in a story where it is understandable as a woman’s choice for something to give to a man.

Absolutely don’t expect to see many details of this in the film, you may get the bathtub and a lot of suggestive movements, but a man’s pleasure – and a woman’s, is something that just isn’t allowed to be shown without one of them definitely being in charge – or about to kill the other.

Sexy Scene #2 – Silk Bondage

This scene stands out in just about every reader’s mind because not only is it the first time that Christian uses bondage on Anastasia, but he follows it up by performing oral sex on her. This is a shocker, in a world where we are used to seeing women tied up and then used for the man’s pleasure; it immediately established this book and story as something else.

Silk Bondage


It is one of the most popular 50 Shades of Grey free online excerpts and people go back to it again and again. The idea that BDSM could be used for a woman’s pleasure and not just submission to a man’s pleasure is a new and exciting concept for many. One of the hotly debated aspects about how the book will be translated to the screen is how much of this scene will be kept intact.

Oral sex in film is almost only OK with the ratings if it is a very short scene, but this is by no means a quickie. Unfortunately, to avoid an NC-17, we may have to be happy with seeing her wrists tied and a few meaningful glances at the ceiling to understand what is really going on.

Sexy Scene #3 – Enter the Red Room

Anastasia gives Christian’s sex dungeon the nickname of the “red room of pain” and it features heavily in the story as she slowly submits to his desires. He chains her arms up above her head and uses a leather riding crop to make her come before taking her to bed. No vanilla reward sex on the bed, he uses cable ties to secure her wrists and takes her violently. They return to the red room throughout their relationship, each visit carrying the two of them deeper and deeper into pain and sexual release.

Sexy Scene #4:The Dance of the Seven Veils

If you don’t know what “the dance of the seven veils” refers to you need to get online immediately and read some Fifty Shades free excerpts to get the whole story.

This is the time when Christian introduces Anastasia to Ben Wa balls and spanking. It reads like a how-to manual to make a woman climax multiple times.

First he puts the balls in her mouth to get them wet, and then he inserts them inside her vagina. The spanking that follows is not only hot, hard and erotic; but the movement of the balls proves too much for her. They have incredible sex after and it leads to her famous line about her inner goddess dancing the dance of the seven veils.

Sexy Scene #5 – Time of the Month

This scene rocked quite a few women’s world because it acknowledge that for all the cramps and uncomfortableness of having one’s period, it is also a time of intense hormonal surges and completely natural. When Christian takes Anastasia in the hotel bathroom and just pulls out her tampon and has his way with her it is a show stopper.

Time Of The Month

Nobody in their right mind thinks this scene will make it onto the silver screen, expect maybe in some heavy suggestive shots.

Sexy Scene #6 – Back to the Red Room

In what is considered to be the climax (pardon the pun) of the book and their relationship, Christian and Anastasia return to the Red Room. He blindfolds her and puts headphones on her to block out any sound he makes before shackling to the bed.

While a song loops through the player he uses a fur glove and flogger to arouse her before going down on her and then having sex with her. This scene may actually make it into the movie. Given that it is considered to be central to the plot and their relationship, it might just make it onto the screen.


Will the movie ever be as good as the book?

Given that list of the sexiest sex scenes in 50 Shades it can be a wonder how on earth they will manage to bring it to the screen without at least an NC-17 rating. The word on the street is the film is going to walk the line with a lot of suggestion, but stay away from the more graphic parts. This turns it into more of a romance, and nobody read that book for the romance between the two characters. If the book opened your eyes, there are quite a few others that you may enjoy.

Other books like 50 Shades of Grey

If you liked 50 Shades of Grey, even if all you read were excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey, you may like the following books too. These are classic books that are deemed “women’s erotica,” and some of them make 50 Shades look like a walk in the park. Here are the top 5 books you should read:

  1. The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, by Anne Rice. Yes, that is the same Anne Rice that gave us the Vampire Lestat. She originally wrote the S/M Beauty series under a pen name, but the lush wording and erotic promise of her vampire books is fully unleashed here.
  2. My Secret Garden, Nancy Friday. This is a collection of real fantasies that Friday collected that range from the deeply racy to the absolutely bizarre. No matter what your tastes, this collection is an education – and a turn-on.
  3. Decadent, by Shayla Black. Take Anastasia and Christian’s taste for S/M even further with this tale of a groupie who gets to meet the rock star of her dreams.
  4. Going Down, collected by Rachel Kramer Bussel. It is no secret that Hollywood still has problems with oral sex, and it can be hard to find good erotica that features it. This book is all oral, all the time and sure to satisfy you.
  5. Do Not Disturb, collected by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Another of Bussel’s collection of great erotica with a theme; this one examines the hotel and various travel stories of the hottest kind.

Last but not least – 50 Shades Fan Fiction

You can try your hand at writing the next chapter on any of the sites devoted to 50 Shades Fan Fiction. Here fans post what they imagine the next 50 Shades of Grey chapter would be. The results can be astonishing, and sometimes just funny. Keeping a journal where you write your own chapters can be the first step in your figuring out your own story, and finding out what you may really like to try in your life too.