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What happened with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs?

If you tuned in to see more of Miley Cyrus’ boobs at the 2014 VMA Award show, you got the shock of your life – and probably felt a little bad about your obsession with that young woman’s body. After all, just how old is Miley Cyrus anyway?

For someone who was born in 1992 and only released her debut album in 2007, she has captured the world’s attention. In 2013, she took away everyone’s breath was a surprisingly raunchy performance with the then king of the waves, Robin Thicke.

From there she bared more and more with videos that toed the line between music and adult entertainment; so expectations were high for antics when the 2014 Miley Cyrus VMA appearance was announced.

What was the deal with that man?

Miley won an award, but it was accepted by a young man named Jesse Helt. Helt was not only young and very photogenic; he was also homeless and accepted the award on her behalf while delivering a small awareness speech about homeless youth. Fans cheered, critics jeered, and hundreds of men who shouldn’t be looking at someone so young with less than musical thoughts in their head felt chagrined.

And then the sordid surprise

Unfortunately, that young and photogenic homeless man happened to have an arrest warrant out for him. He turned himself in, and the media quickly tracked down his mother in Oregon who outlined his “homeless plight” as being more of a self-serving failure to launch a career as an actor and model. Now everyone is confused. Is America’s sweet Hannah Montana now a rabid twerking, pot smoking singer with a penchant for sob stories she doesn’t check out?

Miley With Jesse Helt

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